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In November 2008, while mending their nets, 6 North Sea fishermen imagined it would be nice to have people know who caught the fish for their daily meal. It became their aim to distinguish their fresh caught fish for the market. One of the steps they took was to have their gill-net fishery approved according to the Friend of the Sea criteria. Succesfully. 

The initiative drew attention from other fishermen who followed their example and joined. Nowadays the Consortium of Noordzee Vissers represents 24 ships in a wide variety, ranging from larger trawlers to smaller day boats and several types of fishery such as gill-netters, twinrig and beamtrawlers. Most of the companies are family-owned entreprises, some of them with roots back in fishery into the 18th century.  It is not unusual that fathers and sons or other relatives are aboard of the ships we operate.   Most logical that our fishermen are committed to protecting  the sea and respecting life within to ensure it is there for future generations. Fishermen who would like to join us have to give proof of their commitment and must conduct a  carefull and selective fishery.  


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